A special conference encourages Latin American church leaders.

By April 15, 2005

Bolivia (MNN)–A special gathering in Latin America is geared toward encouraging the church.

Grace Ministries International’s Jim Mollencamp says their teams from Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Curacao, Puerto Rico and Uruguay are actually wrapping up a weeklong series of meetings this week in Bolivia.

They gathered for a special Latin Leadership Conference. “Hopefully, it’ll be a time of encouragement and renewal for the national leaders and the missionaries who attend. It gives them a chance to compare notes to see what’s working, to understand that they are part of a bigger church.”

Church workers often feel isolated, which can lead to ministry-killing discouragement. “We want our nationals and our missionaries to know that there are other people working in the general vicinity that have some of the same kind of concerns.”

This is why, Mollencamp explains, the conference is important. They’re bringing people together who face some of the same challenges, “…and I think it’ll help them to appreciate what they’re going through; that they’re not going through it alone.”

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