A special project in Southeast Asia grows by leaps and bounds.

By August 10, 2005

Southeast Asia (MNN)–FARMS International’s Joseph Richter says there’s been tremendous success in one of their Southeast Asian loan projects.

The churches have already begun to reach across nearby international borders to plant new churches. Over a year ago, one of the churches helped by FARMS became self-supporting.

They sent a worker to a nearby unreached island, and they heard from him sooner than expected. Word came back that the response to the Gospel was overwhelming.

The church sent some help. “They sent two more workers and these workers found that there was a real interest in the Gospel.”

For an island with a population of over 200-thousand people, that report was electrifying. “Within the first year, there were one thousand adults baptized. The latest report is that there are two thousand waiting.”

Richter says that shows the tremendous potential of the churches to support even more growth. “Those people are being discipled. We’re also going to be helping them with irrigation pump projects. Now, they feel, with irrigation, they can grow a lot of their own food and it will be very profitable for the Christians there to have this type of help.”

Pray that the Lord will sustain their movement and build a solid foundation in the body of believers, so that future generations will continue to faithfully follow Him.

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