A Thai boy finds a God who answers prayer.

By December 10, 2004

Thailand (MNN)–In northern Thailand, the Book of Hope is spreading the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ among the region’s Buddhists.

One 11-year old boy, steeped in the family tradition of Buddhism, turned to Christ after receiving a Book of Hope. He had been looking for a God who answered prayer, and, in the Gospels, he read the story of the life of Christ. He also found the God he was looking for.

Since then, he has gone on to share his simple faith with others in his community. He is not alone. According to the BOH Affect Destiny teams, the church in Thailand is growing.

A church in Nongkhai recently held a HopeFest following a distribution in surrounding schools, and 80 students attended. All of them gave their hearts to the Lord, and have now joined regular church services.

God is continuing to do a mighty work within the national churches of Thailand. BOH’s distribution goal for 2004 was to distribute 702,000 copies of the Book of Hope to the children and youth of Thailand.

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