A translation project’s success hinges on the right equipment.

By March 23, 2004

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–The lack of adequate medical services may hamper Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea.

That’s according to JAARS, where they are working to provide essential medical equipment at a clinic in Ukarumpa.

The Ukarumpa center is home to more than 355 families, including expatriates and nationals, and supports the work of 192 language projects.

Medical services are on the decline due to increasing security problems, and for the team, the clinic is the only access to medical help.

Some of the equipment needed includes: a cast cutter, an ultrasound machine, an EKG machine and a defibrillator. JAARS teams tallied the cost of this project at $29,789.00. At this stage, the project only needs 12-thousand dollars more for implimentation.

JAARS serves Wycliffe Bible Translators and related organizations worldwide through coordination and training in several support areas: aviation, construction and maintenance, purchasing and shipping, trucking, information technology, vernacular media services, land transportation and maritime services.

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