A vibrant church in Costa Rica helps launch a Bible school.

By February 27, 2006

Costa Rica (MNN)–It’s been a little over a month since Grace Ministries International’s Bible school in Costa Rica opened its doors to 23 new students.

GMI’s Sam Vinton says the vision for this Institute came as the result of a vibrant local church. In fact, the school came about because of fast growth. “They’re in the process of putting up a building and their vision is to reach outside of their own area and especially into Nicaragua and into the neighboring countries.”

As the church leaders looked at their growth, they also noted the lack of trained pastors. Vinton says the forward thinking group took their vision to the next level in order to map a plan for the future. “So, one of the things they felt was needed was a Bible Institute and that has just been opened last month.”

Vinton says, “The focus of that school is preparing men and women into the area of ministry. They will start off with a one-year program to see how that develops, and we’ve tried that in some other countries.”

It’s a ‘practicum’ approach that gets results. “Get them out into the ministry and then maybe bring them back, [and] complete a second or third year.” It also means that the training goes toward people who are dedicated to ministry.

Please pray for this ministry. Pray also for a group from the church who will be traveling to neighboring Nicaragua to make contacts for future ministries in that country.

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