A week of intensive ministry for Sammy Tippit ministry teams.

By January 20, 2004

Africa (MNN)–Sammy Tippit ministry teams spent last week in intensive outreach throughout Africa. After spending a day in Ghana, they went to Liberia, where they met leaders and preached an evangelistic meeting.

This week, the team is in Sudan to conduct a pastors conference. Sudan’s civil war is one of the longest conflicts in the 20th century leaving over 2 million people dead, millions traumatized, the economy devastated, the country divided and still the devastation continues.

Pray for commitment to Christ, unity, physical recovery, provision of physical needs, and vision for the future. Pray for Sammy as he preaches in a pastors’ conference today. Pray that the Lord will use him to impart faith and wisdom to the Sudanese Christians attending.

Kenya follows on January 25th, for a pastors’ conference and an evangelistic meeting. Pray that the Lord will enhance their spiritual vision and give them wisdom as they speak and minister among the Kenyans.

The team then splits up with some going to Angola and South Africa for some of our Digital Evangelism work. Pray for pastors to be challenged and that many will come to Christ in the evangelistic meetings.

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