A year’s labor yields fruit in Papua New Guinea.

By October 30, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–The Tobo people in Papua New Guinea heard the first evangelistic Bible lessons in their own language this month.

New Tribes Missionary teams, Jason and Kellie Knapp and Chad and Janeene Mankins, spent a year creating an alphabet, primers, and crafting a literacy program.

In March this year, the first literacy class graduated. Several more classes graduated and 14 Tobo men have taken over the literacy program.

Those preparations enabled the launch of new Bible studies to this people group. Through the Scriptures now available to them, Tobos will begin hearing the message of salvation, from Creation to Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.

Pray for the missionaries as they teach God’s Word to the Tobos. Pray also that the Tobos will not only understand what they’re being taught, but respond to the call of the Gospel.

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