Abused young people targeted by God’s word

By May 3, 2004

Cambodia (MNN) — It’s a country devastated and abused. Years of government oppression and now world abuse has now tormenting the children. Cambodia has lived in a spiritual vacuum for years. That vacuum is believed to be partly responsible for adults selling out their children to the sex trade.

Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says many organizations have tried to help, including the United Nations. “Since those United Nations workers have been in there, we see the problem has even doubled. As usual the world has no solution. The only solution is Jesus Christ,” says Hoskins.

This is the very reason why Book of Hope is reaching into this region. Hoskins says for this very reason they’re reaching out with God’s word in the form of the “Book of Hope” He says there is very little Scripture or school curriculum written in the Khmer language. “We have been working over the last two years to develop curriculum for the public school system. We’ve been working with educators there and the good news is we now have three books completed.” He describes the books. “We have an early elementary version that’s complete in Khmer for children, there’s also a middle school version and now a high school version,based on character development, but also shares the story of Jesus Christ.”

Hoskins says these books also have an impact on adults. He says, “Those books are taken home and read to their parents. Many of them who can’t read and (they’re) given information that’s really going to help the country socially, by really giving the solution of who Jesus is.”

The Book of Hope is also strategically helping the Cambodian church, which is growing. Hoskins says, “The church is also looking for tools and as always the Book of Hope is going to be distributed by local church members, reaching out to them with the love of Jesus through His word in the Book of Hope, so there’s actually a place for them to be discipled, nurtured and learn more about Christ.”

Funding is needed to help saturate all of Cambodia with the Gospel.

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