Adoptions in Ukraine continue as new President takes office

By February 2, 2005

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine’s new President Viktor Yushchenko is moving ahead to put his country on a reformist footing. A part of that includes his request to be a part of the European Union.

The question is, what will that mean for adoptions for Christian organizations like Bethany Christian Services . Bethany’s Kristen Roeters says, “I don’t know that anyone’s making predictions of the adoption process changing right now. I think that’s too uncertain because of the newness of the elections. But, families continue to adopt out of Ukraine, so the process is moving forward.”

The need is great right now. Roeters says, “We could place two to three each month if we just had the families. Generally speaking it would take 12 to 16 months. It’s something that a family is called to do.”

Roeters says the adoption process is a spiritual journey. “When I was going through the process it was very similar to God’s adoption of us,” and you’re sharing Christ with a child who may not otherwise hear the Gospel.

Bethany places between 15 and 20 children each year from the Ukraine, but they could place even more if families were available.

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