Adoptions open doors for outreach.

By January 13, 2004

USA (MNN)–Interest in the adoptive process continues to grow across the United States.

More and more Christians are taking a personal interest in the biblical context of the issue. In Ephesians 1:5-8, Scripture states that believers in Christ Jesus are accorded the status of sons of God through adoption by the glorious grace and will of God freely offered for the purpose of personal salvation. The benefits of adoption offered through Adoption Associates International reflects the Scriptural pattern of adoption.

AAI’s Dick VanDeelan says it plays a big role in their mission, which is, “…to especially promote adoption as a biblical response to unplanned pregnancies and orphaned children. In our domestic work of course, we’re trying to reach women who are pregnant and not married, and need to make a plan for the child. And of course, in international, it is to provide for truly orphaned children in other countries.”
VanDeelan says aside from the growth they’ve seen, they’re also responding to the need for education. “A new dimension of our services is to develop good videos and printed materials that help to promote adoption, presenting the advantages of it that can be used by other agencies nationwide.”

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