Advertisements are leading many to God’s word in the Muslim world.

By December 2, 2003

International (MNN) — Advertisements are being used by believers in 32 countries to interest people in the saving message of Jesus Christ. AMG International ‘s Paul Jenks says, “(we can) reach out in areas where street evangelism or open track evangelism is impossible to do. But, the newspapers will allow a Gospel ad to be presented.”

Jenks says the bad news is off-set with the Good News. “In countries like Bangladesh and Turkey and Indonesia and throughout the Middle East, even though the countries are predominately Muslim, Gospel ads telling about Jesus Christ is very well received and literally thousands of people will respond to the message.”

Jenks says extra funding can go a long way to expand God’s Kingdom. “A $35 gift will reach about 100,000 potential readers, which is great value in missions today. Now, that doesn’t mean that every person that opens the newspaper reads the ad, but the potential is there.”

Jenks says many are joining Bible correspondence classes in response to these ads. “Based on 1,000 responses, we got about 25-percent of those back asking for Bible correspondence course.”

Many of those people have come to Christ.

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