African Clergy urge an active response to AIDS

By June 14, 2004

USA (MNN)–South Africa’s top Anglican clergy says the church is failing to confront the reality of AIDS.

Njongonkulu Ndungane said, “We must acknowledge that HIV/Aids has challenged the church on a number of levels.”

Ndungane also said too many churches were contributing to the stigma surrounding the disease rather than fighting it. This is where the work of the Worldwide Christian Schools answers.

WWCS’ Dale Dieleman says they’re responding with a specially written Christian worldview curriculum. The program also tackles the social taboo aspect. “This model can be something that is a real witness to others to see. Even young Christian children in elementary and secondary schools showing this compassion to their neighbors, and not fearing the fact that these people have AIDS and therefore, they’re to be ostracized.”

Dieleman says they’re nearly ready to launch the program with the potential to reach millions with the Gospel. “They’re completing the final stages of the final draft of the curriculum. They’ve field tested it in several schools over the last two years. So, now they’re at a point where they want to finish the final draft. The second stage is mass production of the curriculum and distribution.”

Pray as the final preparations are made, that the teams will see success in the curriculum introduction.

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