Africans target south Asians with the Gospel

By July 22, 2004

Kenya (MNN) — Looking for a better life, south Asians are working and living in Africa and it’s provide a great opportunity for nationals to reach out in Jesus name. Africa Inland Mission is spearheading an initiative to encourage African believers to reach out to people from India, Pakistan and others who are living there.

Africa Inland Mission’s John Becker says, “These people are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Jains. Many of the immigrant communities that are in east Africa are from the upper echelons of Indian culture. And so, the opportunity to reach them in Africa is there.”

Getting them away from home can help in evangelism. Becker says, “There is a greater openness to ideas and an easier access to them. Going to their countries you’d have to look at more creative ways either as businessmen, or in hospitals or education as the main means to be a valid worker in India or Pakistan.

While national believers are reaching out to fellow Africans with the Gospel, Becker says they may not have thought about intercultural outreach at home. “One of our main strategies,” he says, “is to challenge the African church, which is strong in many countries, to motive these brothers and sisters to see the Asians as not just people who have their own faith and their own culture, but to rather see that ‘we can reach these people.'”

Becker says this is an opportunity to reach the world by reaching out to foreigners living in Africa. Pray that the movement will spread across the continent.

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