AIDS creates new ministry growth for a mission agency.

By April 7, 2006

Africa (MNN)–Evangelical Free Church Kevin Kompelien (comp-layn) says their teams are now faced with the grim reality of the HIV/AIDS pandemic toll.

Even as they work to educate, there’s another move to create a safe environment for the hundreds of thousands of orphans.

They’re advocating a form of foster care–placing the AIDS orphans with Christian families. “Our national partners and our ex-pat missionaries are working to really teach a biblical sense of purity and to be able to teach, really, a Godly, biblical perspective on that.”

It’s a multi-pronged approach. He adds the other thing they want to do is “…to meet the medical needs through the hospitals and clinics as best we can.”

Kompelien says this physical aspect of their work is one part of a ‘whole’ approach to ministry. “As we look across the continent, our goal is to see that the church plant is established and as the church is really functioning as the church, with the compassionate heart of Christ, we’re going to be able to touch, really, the whole person. You can’t simply go and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ without demonstrating it.”

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