AIDS need creates new ministry in South Africa.

By June 1, 2004

South Africa (MNN)–There is a direct link between HIV/AIDS prevalence and the drop in food production in Southern Africa.

Southern Africa is home to less than two percent of the world’s population, but has 30 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS.

The death toll has decimated much of the adult male population, leaving behind their wives and children.

Times are hard for widows, many of whom are in awkward positions in their communities. While orphaned children will be looked after, adults expect widows to fend for themselves.

Hope Builders International’s Johan Gous says the plight of the widows can answer a need presented by the AIDS pandemic. “We are now developing a widow’s program where we will be actively looking for widows that we can train so that they can look after the AIDS orphans, help us with bringing the Gospel to those AIDS kids.”

Gous says the project allows widows to earn their own way, and serve the community with their testimony in the process. “Hope Builders is really and truly excited to develop the program in Southern Africa where the pilot project has already been very successful.”

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