AIDS orphans and street kids benefit from “Bethel Village”

By December 1, 2003

UGANDA (MNN)–According to “AIDS Epidemic Update 2003” some 5 million people became infected with HIV worldwide and 3 million died of AIDS-related illness this year which is the highest number ever. Africa remains the most severely affected region. One in five adults across southern Africa are now living with HIV/AIDS, which is the highest rates since the beginning of the epidemic.

The world is now mounting a greater response to AIDS and countries are being urged to increase their commitment to a set of international goals to provide support for AIDS orphans and children who hae the disease. There are very few countries south of the Sahara with a national policy on how to help orphans.

The country of Uganda currently has a government that has taken an interest in finding ways to limit the AIDS crisis. They are working to properly educate their people with AIDS information. The country is also open tp receiving and sharing the Gospel in hopes that the message of Christ will lead to a behavior change.

Rashid Luswa is a Ugandan convert from Islam that has become a Christian and is now running “Bethel Village” which helps more than 70 childen in the Kampala area of Uganda. The children who benefit are those who have been orphaned by AIDS and other causes as well as street children.

Rashid started a farm to raise and sell crops. He also is partnering with Worldwide Christian Schools to develop a school. The Gospel message is shared with this group of children who eventually attend church and are further exposed to the message of Christ.

Worldwide Christian Schools serve with many other Christian organizations to develop schools in poor areas that will integrate the teaching of the Word of God.

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