AIDS Orphans are getting help from the west

By December 22, 2005

DR Congo (MNN) — In 1995 there were 20 million people with AIDS. Today there are 40 million. That huge number is having a devastating affect on children as there are now more than 15 million children that have been orphaned by the disease. That number will only rise as reports indicate there were at least five-million new cases reported last year alone.

What will this mean for children in especially hard hit Africa? That means a lot of children have no parents. That’s why the Evangelical Free Church of America’s Compassion Ministries is starting a program to help them. EFCA’s Rachel Martin says they’re working with churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “We have almost 1,000 churches in that area and we’ve be centering on prevention. Also, we have begun a program for sponsoring orphans. So, we’re doing what we can to help within the area where our churches work.”

According to Martin sponsorship of these children is desperate. “Once their parents are gone there’s nothing left for them, even if they’re take in by good hearted people. There’s no way for them to get an education; the finances aren’t there. Medical care isn’t there for them. They’re used often to work in the gardens, to chop wood and carry water, but they have no future at all.”

$10 a month is all it costs to help a family care for an AIDS orphan. Martin says this small amount covers their education, basic health care and food. “We’re leaving them in families there. We’re not building orphanages. We want to encourage the church there to be the body of Christ. So, we want them to reach out, not only to the orphans in their churches, but also to their communities so this can be an evangelistic outreach as well.”

The goal is to help 10,000 orphans. As you help, these young people will be hearing the Gospel and many will give their hearts to Christ.

In the United States call 1-888-592-6776, or email [email protected]

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