America experiencing best and worst of times

By July 23, 2004

USA (MNN) — While the United States continues to be the land of promise financially, the nation is failing to morally. But, at the same time it appears good and bad are coexistent today in American culture. The Mel Gibson film, “The Passion of the Christ” Rick Warren’s book, “Purpose Driven Life” and the President’s Faith-Based Initiatives are positives for the nation.

At the same time, the nation’s disregard for the law by allowing gay couples to marry and allowing the pornography industry to thrive leaves one wondering how the culture can survive.

The bad news is that immoral behavior has also become a regular part of the evangelical church in the U-S.

Life Action Revival Ministries recognizes the failings of the church and by God Grace is moving forward to call Christians to repentance. It’s all an effort to see good overcome evil. The prayer is for revival in the hearts of God’s people.

Many believers are praying for it. Churches desire it. That’s why Life Action’s crusade teams are 90-percent full, ‘Revive Our Hearts” radio network is growing, their retreats are popular, and revival resources are in demand. Life Action has also responded by building a National Ministry Center to help facilitate revival.

Pray for Life Action in the months ahead. More importantly, pray for revival in the hearts of His people all over the country.

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