American and Ghanian doctors come together for ministry in Ghana.

By November 16, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–In the emerging democracy of Ghana, medical care is at a premium.

So, Oasis International is for the first time, coordinating doctors from America and Ghana to provide care in the country.

“We’ve done some eye clinics at an eye clinic in the city of Accra. And they’ve also done some clinics for children and families in some of the smaller towns, places where their health care isn’t maybe as efficient as in the city.” Oasis’ Nancy Hudson says they provide medical supplies at low costs but it’s more then money they want to save.

“We go over with the love of God. It gives us an opportunity to invite them then to the training center or to the local churches. And then through that, it’s just a great opportunity to share and be salt in the world.”

Hudson says they are able to teach Bible lessons and work with local partners to ensure medical and spiritual care.

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