American Christians needed for evangelism in the U-S

By December 13, 2004

USA (MNN/AMF) — Have you considered the need for missions in America? Whether you are totally new to the idea of American missions, or you’ve been involved for years, American Missionary Fellowship hopes the need for Americans to turn to Christ is on your hearts too.

America has become a nation of nations — “Judea and Samaria” are just outside our front door. The need for missionaries in America is at an all-time high. Because of their new surroundings, many internationals living in the U-S are more open to hearing about new things, and that includes hearing about Christ. But, there are far to few people to tell them.

So, how might you fit into this picture? Pray; Partner; and Provide. American Missionary Fellowship needs regular prayer from people who see the value of persistent intercession. AMF needs new missionaries who will partner with them in reaching the unreached peoples in the U-S. AMF also needs people who will provide financially for those on the front lines of ministry.

If you’re interested in helping reach the world in the U-S, call (610) 527-4439.

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