Americans describe sources of spiritual fulfillment and frustration.

By December 16, 2004

USA (MNN)–Americans are interested in finding spiritual satisfaction and peace.

A new national survey by The Barna Group, of Ventura, California discovered that about half of the adult population is able to identify something in their spiritual life they would be willing to change, and many of those ideas are quite general in nature.

However, the research indicates that most adults in the United States have no plan or process to help them mature to that end.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Ken Sharp says that’s where their project comes in. “We just recently sent out 300-thousand January sample Bible Pathways that will help people to start off the year reading through the Bible, covering Genesis and Exodus.”

Sharp says the research suggests people are aware that regular Bible reading and prayer are key to providing contentment. For many, its the structure that needs help. “We’re offering the January Bible Pathways, as many as they can distribute, free of charge, to encourage people to be getting back into the Word and find that kind of a spiritual satisfaction that Americans are looking for.”

The sample Pathways are available until they’re gone. For details, go to:

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