Amidst the wreckage of the tsunami, hope exists and rebuilds.

By December 28, 2005

India (MNN)–Along the shores of India, the visible marks of the fury of the ocean are slowly receding.

Like many other aid groups, Hopegivers International’s Bill Bray says they’re out of emergency mode, and well into Phase Two of their tsunami reconstruction plan.

He lays out their strategy. “We have two or three buildings in construction now, additional cottages that we’re building for the children. We hope to have 12 Hope Homes constructed by time we’re done.”

Bray says they’re working on a five-year timeline for the homes. He adds that both this phase and the next and future outreach would not have been possible without the disaster. “Through the tsunami relief, there’s new open doors in many of these villages for ongoing relationships and evangelism.”

As their projects take on a life of their own, Bray says, “Our next step is to put full-time, permanent couples in most of these villages. They will be doing church planting and a long-term presence will be established.”

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