An evangelist spreads the Gospel amongst the hard to reach in Nepal.

By April 29, 2005

Nepal (MNN)–Maharaji is a Nepali evangelist. According to the IN-Network, he’s working with the Chaudhary tribal group because they are isolated from other communities.

Through his ministry, many people in the area have come to Christ. Once, he shared the Gospel with five Brahmin priests that had gathered. As a result, Maharaji believes they will some day become believers.

He also reports that nine people have been baptized in his church. Please pray for his continued outreach. There is a rich heritage he follows.

In 1952, there were no evangelicals in the country. Today, there are over 300,000 baptized believers and a Christian community estimated at 750,000. Nepal has one of the fastest growing churches on earth.

One of the goals for IN-Nepal is to increase the number of church planters commissioned to the field each year. The region of Nepal that is open to the Gospel and yet has few Church planters is East Nepal.

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