An evangelistic expedition goes through Siberia.

By January 13, 2004

Russia (MNN)–A Russian Ministries supported team is currently on a nine month evangelistic expedition. MNN’s Greg Yoder is traveling with the team. “The team of young pastors and musicians is currently in the arctic circle in the Yamal region. Through an interpreter, Leonid Kartaveko (KAR-tah-ven ko) the mission director of the evangelical Baptists of Russia tells us the purpose. “The first, to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard about Christ. And the second, to help all over our missionaries that work all in these remote places and inspire them for more effective work. And third, to encourage Christians to be more active in evangelism and outreach, not just to come to churches not just to visit.” The team is using tracts, multi-media, music, boxes of love and the Gospel to touch hearts all over Russia. Pray for the team as they face dangerous travel, government red-tape and more as they continue sharing the Gospel. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Salehard, Russia.”

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