An evangelistic festival moves into action in Argentina.

By January 23, 2004

Argentina (LPEA/MNN)–Argentines will flock to Mar del Plata, Argentina, this weekend to enjoy some of the best beaches in South America. By God’s grace, they’ll return to their homes with more than vacation memories.

Beachfest Argentina,Luis Palau’s next evangelistic festival will proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of people from all over Argentina.

This festival comes just one short year after Buenos Aires Festival of Hope. This festival was the largest two-day evangelistic outreach the Palau team has ever organized. More than one million people attended the festival.

Beachfest Argentina will prove to be a massive outreach as well. Mar del Plata is a vacation destination. Argentines who want to escape from work and the hot summer in the city go to Mar del Plata.

Jose Luis Rodriguez has agreed to be part of Beachfest Argentina. He is best known as “El Puma” in Latin America. El Puma is an enormously famous singer and actor. His music is very popular in the secular world and has been for many years. He is also a seriously committed follower of Jesus Christ. His participation in the festival will no doubt draw tens of thousands of unchurched individuals.

Prayers are needed for Beachfest Argentina. Pray that thousands will give their hearts to Jesus Christ and spread the Good News across Argentina. Pray also that the nation’s media will communicate the festival message of God’s love and forgiveness throughout Argentina.

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