An exciting new project is in the works to equip the church in Africa with Christian resources.

By July 25, 2005

Africa (MNN) — Good Biblical resources are hard to come by in third world countries, but one ministry is meeting that great need in Africa in the coming months.

Fred Palmerton of Christian Resources International says it’s an urgent and ongoing need, “The literature available is so minute over there. We just take it for granted in the US that we have so much resources at our disposal, but when you get into the third world countries, that is not the case.”

Palmerton says CRI’s heading up a project to send Christian materials to a part of Africa they’ve not sent to before, “This is starting to become a very exciting project, and we can’t reveal the exact location yet, but there are thousands of Christians waiting for this material.”

The resources they’ll be sending are Bibles, teaching aids for pastors, tracks for street evangelism and any other much-needed materials they can gather. Palmerton says, “Just about any Christian book that you’ve got in your home, we can use.”

The question of translation isn’t really an issue either. Many people in Africa speak English, and also, CRI works with translators in-country who will translate the materials they do receive.

“We’ve sent to Africa before, but we’ve not been in this country. So we’re excited about it, and we’re working with some people that have been there. And they have a heartbeat for the area, and it looks like the need is great. There are few places in Africa that we would send things to that it wouldn’t be needed, but this one looks like it’s just going to be an exciting time.”

To give resources or financial support to help equip pastors and churches in Africa with much-needed Biblical materials, call Christian Resources International at 517-223-3193 or go to their website by following the highlighted link above.

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