An investment in a seminary library has far-reaching impact in New Dehli.

By January 3, 2006

India (MNN)–Recent delays at the customs office in New Delhi wound up giving the C.V. Vadavana seminary an unexpected gift.

Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they shipped a full container of resources in November.

After considerable delay, the container arrived at the seminary Christmas Eve. “It was 32-thousand pounds of seminary books and mixed Christian books. They’re going to be very, very useful for them in their studies, resources materials for research.”

Even more than the resources for current study, Palmerton says the library is an encouragement for the graduates too.

The school has had impact on believers in over 20 of the 28 states of India. Associates have reached over five million souls each year.

That makes the resources even more valuable, Palmerton says. “The library at the seminary will be open for their use once they get out on the field. They can come back and use those for writing sermons, and help with street evangelizing and setting up churches.”

But, recent shipments like this have dropped the Bible inventory to critically low levels. CRI needs 10,000 Bibles to fulfill the requests they’ve received.

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