An online sponsorship program helps provide new Bible translations.

By April 13, 2006

International (MNN)–Bible translation costs money…a lot of it.

For the years it takes to provide Scripture in a new language, there are dozens more languages that have yet to have a single verse translated.

The Seed Company approaches the challenge with two big teams–the people who translate and the people who support the translators.

The Seed Company’s Wes Peterson says that’s why they put the ‘One Verse’ sponsorship program online.

“In order for this national, a mother tongue speaker, to do the translation, they need training, they need computers, they need resources to be able to do that. That $24 that you give online goes directly to this national translator to help them do the translation in the mother tongue language.”

Peterson notes a conversation he had with a youth pastor. “Their youth group has set a goal of 100 verses that they want to sponsor. It’s not the youth pastor saying ‘Hey kids, you need to do this.’ It’s the kids saying, ‘Hey youth pastor, we want to sponsor these verses for a specific people group.'”

It’s certainly a paradigm shift in thinking–and the energy source is self generating, he adds. “The excitement isn’t just coming from student leaders, it’s coming from the young people who want to get involved themselves.”

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