An unreached people group in Russia hears the Gospel.

By January 20, 2004

Russia (MNN) — People at the end of the world heard the Gospel for the first time. It was all part of ‘The Expedition’ sponsored in part by Russian Ministries of Wheaton, IL.

The expedition took the team 250 km above the arctic circle to a village that had never heard the Gospel. Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba, “We were able to preach to those people and tell them about Jesus (who) they’ve never heard about yet. We were able to present them the Gospel through those shoe boxes (boxes of love), and of course through the program we presented and the musicians and those missionaries who traveled with us. There is a great openness.”

Rakhuba says everyone they talked with responded positively to the Gospel. He’s asking people to pray, “That the Gospel will be will be established there and that there will be someone who will go there and spend a couple of weeks as a follow up to establish those ones that have heard the Gospel and are ready to give their lives to Christ.”

Pastor Anatoly Marichev from nearby Salehard is taking responsibility for reaching these people. He’s called the young Moses of the region. Rakhuba says Marichev plans to, “Train young people that will go to these villages and transform people’s lives.”

Pray for Pastor Marichev. He’s in need of $25,000 to complete construction of his church/ministry training center. This building will not only allow people to worship together, but will also help facilitate train of young leaders who will take over evangelistic outreach throughout the Yemal region.

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