An update on getting Bibles into the 2005 Hurricane zone.

By November 23, 2005

USA (MNN)–The World Bible Translation Center says their effort to help the Hurricane 2005 victims met with great enthusiasm.

The initial print run of 70,000 Bibles is already distributed throughout the region with the help of ministries like Somebody Cares-Houston and the Global Aid Network.

These Bibles were a special edition printed just for this purpose, with a new cover and an insert piece listing passages where God’s Word answers the tough questions that are asked in times of disaster and sorrow.

Pray that God will bless the newly-formed partnerships with Somebody Cares-Houston, Global Aid Network, RHCC Camp Care – Algiers, and all the churches and shelters that worked together to provide relief to the evacuees.

For those who got a Bible, pray that they will find God’s truth in His Word.

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