Another tribe, another New Testament.

By August 1, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–New Tribes Mission reports success in a Papua New Guinea New Testament translation project that has lasted seven years.

The completed efforts arrived in the form of 15-hundred copies of a beautifully bound Asengseng New Testament.

The New Testaments will soon be on their way for a two-month voyage to West New Britain in Papua New Guinea.

Their arrival will occasion a joyous celebration for four Asengseng elders — Giaman, Krosli, Wisnamli and Tawin — 20 Bible teachers, and the believers in ten local churches who are eagerly waiting to get the new Book in their hands.

In preparation for this, Bible teachers last year began working toward chronological teaching at Elihi, another village in Asengseng.

Pray for the literacy classes which are continuing in various villages throughout Asengseng – both teachers and students.

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