Answers to prayer bring about change in Nepal, but more prayer is needed.

By May 25, 2006

Nepal (MNN) — Despite many challenges to ministry, Gospel for Asia has been working in Nepal for more than 17 years. Ministry and evangelism have not been easy as believers have faced persecution, threats and restrictions on what they could do.

But God is doing mighty things in difficult places, explains GFA’s founder and President KP Yohannan, “A significant, historical event transpired, I believe, in answer to prayer, on May 18th. The only Hindu kingdom of the world, Nepal, became a secular nation.”

After weeks of riots, unrest and opposition, Nepal’s king stepped down and the Nepali parliament met to discuss the future of the country. Yohannan says it’s a major turning point for Nepal. “It’s the first time ever in the history of the nation that the people declared that we are free from the rule of a king, and declared themselves to be a secular nation. And overnight, everything’s different.”

The coming months will be crucial in determining what the new secular government will look like, especially concerning Christians, says Yohannan, “Now what’s happening since they’re saying it’s a secular government, a secular nation, this means they’re going to have to rewrite the constitution, and we are eager and waiting with much prayer to see what actually this will mean. Will this mean freedom of religion? Will this mean freedom of speech? Will it mean that Christians (will) be able to testify their faith publicly without having to fear about being persecuted?”

While it’s a great matter to rejoice over and have hope for the future, Christians are still waiting to see what will come next. Prayer was and will continue to be key, says Yohannan, “They are saying what has happened now is an answer to prayer of the church around the world for Nepal, and they want to believe that there will be freedom of religion in the country although there are some deep concerns at this time.”

Nepal not only borders India, but Nepal also depends a lot on India for food, medicine and a number of things. Many states in India have passed anti-conversion bills, and Yohannan and others are concerned that the extreme fundamentalists will influence the people in Nepal.

Yohannan says, “So it’s kind of a little scary situation that although they declared themselves to be a secular nation, like India — it’s the largest democracy in the world yet you know the persecution against Christians we are dealing with. So that is a major concern. And my prayer, and we are asking people everywhere to pray, (is) that as they draft the constitution and make amendments and change everything, that they will give freedom of speech and people to share their faith without having to fear about going to jail or being abused.”

In the midst of all this, says Yohannan, “I want to believe God and pray that somehow the work of the kingdom will be furthered and millions will come to know Jesus at this time. This is quite significant.”

For more information on the impact of these changes on Gospel For Asia’s work in Nepal, and to pray more specifically, visit GFA’s website by following the link below.

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