Anti-conversion law opponents target of violence in Sri Lanka

By July 8, 2004

Sri Lanka (MNN/CD) — The National Christian Alliance of Sri Lanka has been the target of vandalism in that predominately Buddhist nation. The NCEASL has been leading a public awareness campaign against the anti-conversion bill being considered in Parliament.

According to Compass Direct News, vandals broke into their office over the weekend. They apparently searched files and stole money, but left a video projector, computer equipment and a camera. The NCEASL believes the focus was clearly on documents stored at the office.

Staff members believe the break-in was an attempt to find documents relating to their campaign against the proposed law. They have purchased advertisements in local news papers as part of their awareness program. It may have angered some of the supporters of the bill. The NCEASL challenges the legal basis of the bill, saying it would violate basic human rights.

The cabinet has already given its initial approval to the legislation, but a second approval is needed for it to become law.

Milroy Fernando is the minister of Christian Affairs. He says there has been a rise in the number of attacks against Christians and churches. He believes Christians in Sri Lanka are going to face even more problems in the days ahead.

Pray that the bill will fail and that evangelism can continue there.

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