Anti-globalization protests leave Bolivian Christians in difficulty.

By October 24, 2003

Bolivia (MNN)–The United States has issued a travel warning for Bolivia, urging U.S. citizens to exercise caution if traveling to the capital, La Paz, and several other areas.

The U.S. State Department warns the political and social situation in Bolivia remains volatile. Weeks of violent anti-government protests forced Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada to resign last Friday and flee to the United States.

The United States said it looks forward to working with Bolivia's new government, as the South American country tries to recover from a major economic and political crisis.
New President Carlos Mesa has the task of reviving a struggling economy with a 12 percent unemployment rate.

World Vision's Andres Vera says they are supplying blankets, food and medicine to hundreds of people, including children, who were trapped because of the recent violence. Tensions remain high as there are promises of more protests if things don't change quickly. In a country where the average worker receives less then a thousand dollars a year, six weeks of protests have claimed 80 lives.

Please pray for their teams as they continue helping those in need during this difficult time.

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