Anticipation of the National Day of Prayer builds.

By March 2, 2004

USA (MNN)–The National Day of Prayer is an integral part of the United States’ heritage.

Since the Contintal Congress first issued a call to prayer in 1775 asking colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation, America’s leaders acknowlege their need for God’s direction.

The National Day of Prayer has great significance for Americans. Not only does it reinforce how the founding fathers sought the wisdom of God when faced with critical decisions, it also stands as a call to humility before God, seeking His guidance and grace.

May 6th is the National Day of Prayer this year. The theme is “Let Freedom Ring”. Bible Pathway Ministries’ Bible Reading Marathon is tied to the celebration. Every year since 1990, the largest and longest running Bible Reading Marathon (BRM) takes place on the front steps of the White House in Washington DC.

Bible Pathway’s /a>Barbara Bivens says the theme is appropriate as is their venue. “Wherever there’s some hesitation about the (quote) ‘separation of church and state’, [it] has been overcome by the simple fact that they are being held on the Capitol steps in Washington D.C., and that, if they hold any kind of an event on these different venues, then they have to allow the Bible Reading Marathon as well.”

At the Capitol, participants start the Marathon with prayer, read the Bible out loud continuously for 80 hours, and then close with prayer.

By providing a Bible Reading Marathon in conjunction with the NDP, Bible Pathway says the event helps overcome social, racial, and denominational barriers, and in bringing the community together.

What’s exciting, Bivens says, is growth. She believes it points to a hunger. “Over the years, we’ve had them from the Mount of Olives, to Red Square to Las Vegas. We’ve had requests from several new states asking for material to set up a Bible Reading Marathon. So, we have a real wide scope of areas that have seen the importance of this public reading of God’s Word.”

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