As many grieve, World Vision says the needs are great in Beslan

By September 10, 2004

Russia (MNN) — Russian medical centers were overwhelmed with the wounded and dying in the aftermath of the hostage drama at a school in Beslan. The attack, by Chechen terrorists, left more than 350 dead and hundreds more wounded.

World Vision’s David Womble is the program manager in Nazran, Russia, just 12 miles away from Beslan. He explains the need. “They’re requesting lung ventilation machines to assist with breathing, bed side monitors – monitoring heart rates, also blood pressure gauges, plastic covering for mattresses, scalpel blades, diapers for children and adults, those types of things.”

Russian officials have been helping with trauma counseling. But, World Vision is preparing to help in the long term. They’re discussing opening a center in a nearby city to help long term emotional needs.

Womble says as a Christian, he’s been doing his part to comfort those involved. “Everyone that I saw in the hospital I just assured them that they were in our prayers, God blessed them for what they were trying to do. Certainly the World Vision network has extremely supportive.”

World Vision is doing all they can to work through the local church, empowering them to be more effective in outreach.

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