Attic goldmines could help fund Scripture translations.

By July 21, 2006

International (MNN)–Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Ron Yaddow says those things sitting around in your attic, garage or office can help fund Bible translation projects.

It’s a new donor program that has taken off this year in partnership with ‘The Charity Group’. Their GiveWise service enables Wycliffe to efficiently convert hard asset donations into valuable program revenue.

Yaddow says, “We’ve received collections of fine art, coin collections, stamp collections, tools, time shares even, golf clubs, things that people used to use, but aren’t using anymore. We’ve come up with a way of receiving those assets and converting them into cash, and the funds flow into strategic translation projects worldwide.”

On behalf of Wycliffe, The CharityGroup manages all the logistics of receiving, marketing and selling people’s donations of unused non-cash assets. Wycliffe takes the funds from the sale of the donated items and applies them directly to strategic Bible translation projects worldwide.

With the program, Wycliffe will be able to ensure that critical projects don’t lose their momentum for lack of funding. But does it work?

“We’ve already generated a couple hundred thousand dollars in products,” he explains, adding that, “we’ve either used the products directly in the work, or converted them to cash in support of Bible translation.”

And the winner in this situation? “I believe the most grateful will be those young children who receive the ability to read the Bible in their own language for the very first time. They will be eternally grateful.”

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