Audio Scriptures delight a forgotten tribe in Uganda.

By December 8, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–The Ik people of northern Uganda struggle to preserve their identity as a people group.

When someone cared enough to bring them portions of God’s Word in their language, doors opened. Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhoffer calls the first trip ‘pre-evangelistic’. Teams left the audio Scripture tapes because most of the tribe can’t read.

The recent follow-up trip revealed open hearts. “The second trip showed that the people had been listening to the tapes repeatedly. Many expressed interest in the Gospel. Many professed to be followers of Jesus Christ. So, work continues among the people in Uganda.”

Dudenhoffer says the tribe has drawn other attention as well. “The Ik people in Uganda are at the very beginning stages of building the church among this particular people group. But, because of their tremendous response to the initial materials that went in, translation organizations are now looking at spending some time among these people.”

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