Back to the Bible gets ready to help church leaders in a creative access country.

By March 17, 2006

International (MNN)–The lack of training proves to be a challenge to thousands of pastors in a Muslim-majority nation, unnamed for security reasons.

In response, Back to the Bible plans to open a training center in a major city in this country. The goal of the center is to instruct 100 pastors in Bible study and sermon preparation, radio broadcasting techniques, basic leadership and management skills, and Christian counseling.

Pray for the staff being chosen to run the center. Back to the Bible’s approach to outreach is that the office be run by 100% indigenous staff. Not only is the staff in each office comprised solely of nationals, but the leadership and control of each ministry is consolidated in a local or national board.

Contact Back to the Bible if you would like to receive more information on this training center.

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