Back to the Bible uses a skate park for research.

By February 23, 2006

USA (MNN)–Back to the Bible’s Woodrow Kroll says they’re investigating the disconnect between youth and Bible literacy.

Getting the information could be challenging, so they took an unusual tack in marketing research. Kroll jokes that some 15 year olds come out of the womb with a skate board attached to their feet.

That became the basis of an idea to take the research to the kids. “We’ve put a skateboard park in Back to the Bible, so that when we get information out of the Research Center, we’ll immediately test it with the kids who are there for skateboard lessons, the kids who are there waiting in line. There’ll be a touch screen there that we’ll gather information and date from them.”

The skate park is an effort to figure out what the ‘disconnect’ is between owning a Bible and reading it. Kroll says it’s not just a place to skate, nor is it just an outreach event. “Ultimately, our goal is to ask 15-year olds, “What is it that you want in order to connect with God? What are you looking for what works for you? What doesn’t work for you”, so that we can pass this information on for people who are working with 15-year olds.”

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