Bad news means more demand for good news.

By November 11, 2005

International (MNN)–Natural disasters continue to plague the headlines, with the end result being a sort of ‘global desensitization’.

But Bible Pathway Ministries’ Rita Guerra says this is a good time to reach out to the survivors with the hope of Christ.

As a matter of fact, the trauma tends to cause a spike in their resource requests because people are asking the right questions. “Between the mudslides, the fires, the famines, the train accidents, the bomb blasts, people are saying, ‘Do you think this is the end times?'”

In response, Guerra says, “We can’t say that because the Bible says, ‘Of that day and hour, no man knoweth, not even angels in heaven, but my Father, only.’ All we do know is that God just keeps opening up those doors and requests just keep pouring in.”

Because of the spike in requests, they need help. Guerra says they got a lot of letters from the survivors of Hurricanes Rita, Katrina and Wilma in the United States. Many of the writers lost everything and were asking to replace their Bible Pathway or their Bibles.

It’s the same elsewhere. In nations where Christianity is oppressed or illegal, believers are requesting materials in order to continue their spiritual growth.

It’s a tough call to keep up with the demand, Guerra adds, between the finances and the actual resources. “A new Bible costs five dollars. We get new and used ones and we appeal for both, because they don’t care. A lot of the letters even say, ‘We’ll take your used books. We don’t care. We’ll take old Bible Pathways, the message is the same out of the Scriptures.”

If you want to help, contact Bible Pathway using their information listed below.

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