Because of one school outreach, the poorest of Chennai’s children won’t fall through the cracks.

By November 1, 2005

India (MNN)–Zamar Academy in the city of Chennai, India, is in the business of transformation.

Worldwide Christian Schools says students at this school are generally from very poor families. In this region of Southern India, many students’ families struggle to afford basic school supplies and food for their children.

For these pupils, their education is a prize and one they earn through faithfulness. Many of these children walk to school every day, a distance for some of five kilometers, from homes made out of the leaves of banana trees.

The academy’s motto is “Transform lives through Education with Affection and Committment to Holistic development” (TEACH). It’s applied, say the staff when you “Teach the child, reach the family, and transform society.”

But for many of the students, the basic supplies to even attend school don’t exist. So, Zamar daily provides the students with food and clothes. Most importantly, the school charges no tuition so that no child will fall through the cracks.

Teachers work to provide the children with a healthy understanding of Christian worldview in the course of their education. If all are born equal and opportunity determines the future of the child, then it’s a matter of creating opportunity through education. For them, it’s a work of the mind, body and soul.

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