Believers are asked to provide Scriptures for the Dalits.

By May 31, 2005

India (MNN)–The movement for freedom amongst India’s Dalits, or ‘untouchables,’ continues. Dalit human rights have become an international issue among humanitarian watchdog groups.

Under the caste system, Dalits were undermined and oppressed. When a mass revolution came, hundreds of thousands chose to throw off the old ways. With that, those hundreds of thousands also threw off Hinduism, the religion connected to the system they hated.

With thousands renouncing Hinduism, the doors have opened for the Gospel. Since November 2001, the untouchables have been looking for something to connect with.

Bibles For the World’s Mawii Pudaite says they were recently asked by one Dalit leader for their help. “What we are doing is providing them the New Testament as well as the Gospel of John in quantities. We have just printed 200-thousand copies of the Gospel of John, and those have been distributed among these Dalit people.”

This same Dalit leader also asked BFTW to help open hundreds of new schools. Mawii says they decided to start a little smaller with four Christian schools so they could let the movement grow naturally.

BFTW’s President, Rochunga Pudaite says they need help to meet the needs. “Pray that God will send a tremendous revival among them, and number two, that God will provide more Gospel of John that we can freely give away in the hundreds of thousands.”

What’s more, Bible distribution is always the beginning of something great. People aren’t the only ones to be transformed; whole societies are as well.

This is where you are asked to get involved, because wherever the Bible goes, schools follow–and churches and hospitals and clean water wells, too. It begins with a decision to help. Rochunga says, “The cost of printing a Gospel of John is only 25-cents. And we need more missionaries than ever before–national missionaries.”

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