Believers in Congo grow concerned over rumors of war.

By December 22, 2004

Congo–Kinshasa (MNN)–Peacekeeping troops are arriving in the Democratic Republic of Congo headed for the frontlines to stop fighting in the east.

They’re trying to keep renegade soldiers from advancing further after more than a week of fighting. The violence along Congo’s jungle border with Rwanda has raised fears along Africa’s Great Lakes region. It’s where the war and it’s related crisis, coupled with disease have killed at least four million people over the past decade.

Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says their ministry partners think the situation is deteriorating rapidly. He says the weakening peace accord is beginning to make evangelistic ministry travel very difficult. “We a have a pastor in Goma and he explains that it is quite dangerous even there in Goma because between Goma and Rwanda, it’s just a line across there, so people go back and forth. To him, it’s becoming a very serious thing and, from what I understand, there’s even predictions of full-blown war again.”

Vinton says so far, the trouble hasn’t reached their Bible college, pastors’ school, or any of their sixteen Bible institutes. However, “We’re keeping close attention to that and trying to be in contact with the people, but so far, that has not affected any of the work of Grace Ministries International and the national church in Congo.”

A large GMI medical center has recently been built in a Muslim area where the first church has been planted in an unreached people group. One teacher training college, 27 high schools, and 130 grade schools are run by the national church. More than 400 churches have been planted in this country.

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