Believers in Ghana work to a future of freedom.

By July 11, 2005

Ghana (MNN)–Even with the promise of more international assistance for their poverty, Africans are not satisfied with just taking money.

Many are determined to learn a trade in Ghana. Oasis International’s Art Speck says that’s why people are coming in droves to their Training Center in Prampram.

It is a state of the art, bi-level facility adjacent to the beautiful Benin Bay/Atlantic Ocean. It is situated on the highway between Prampram and New Ningo, one hour from Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Amazingly, their outreach means the fetish priests are losing power, teaching the people that, “It’s not the blood of animals. It’s not even the blood of humans, which is still being done to a small degree. But it’s the blood of Jesus Christ that saves and brings deliverance.”

Speck says even as their ministry continues to grow, they still have the sight on their purpose. “Our immediate goals are to continue what we’re doing to continue raising up and teaching and training leaders to get us to the place in long-term where the training enter is actually being run not only staff, but run by the locals.”

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