Believers move to celebrate peace amidst the disintegration of the process in the Middle East.

By March 23, 2004

Jordan (MNN)–Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli helicopter strike in Gaza. His death this weekend dealt a deadly blow to the Middle East peace process.

The international community widely denounced the strike, and Hamas threatened all-out war foretelling a string of deadly responses.

The assassination triggered retaliations by both Hezbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militants along with widespread protests.

Tensions among neighboring countries are reaching a breakpoint, especially in Jordan. However, Leading the Way’s Joshua Youssef says the instability threatening Jordan won’t do much to change their ministry approach. “Governments are aware of our broadcasts, and are not necessarily supportive of it, but they allow it to exist. We do our programs in a very culturally sensitive way. We don’t involve politics in any way–we don’t involve any kind of political discourse, it is solely lifting up the name of Jesus.”
Youssef says staff members are taking the appropriate security measures as the crisis grows.

He urges prayer for a more important ministry change. “We broadcast currently three nights a week; we’ll be going to a fourth night at the beginning of April. We’re actually going to step up our follow-up and we’re working with several organizations throughout this part of the world to ensure this happens.”

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