Believers remain in place to aid Darfur refugees.

By August 8, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–Violent clashes in North Darfur State have displaced 25,000 Sudanese civilians. Recently, aid workers have been kidnapped, ambushed and killed.

In some areas, operations have been suspended after three water workers were killed by a mob. It is the latest in a long list of security incidents over the last few weeks. A July attack on two non-governmental organisations and the fatal shooting of an NGO driver attacked by bandits has led to a pulling back of humanitarian aid.

However, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s team continues to provide food, water and medical care for the refugees through a coalition in the area.

They’re also focusing on making sure there’s enough seed as well as the restocking of small animals. Team members are working on the construction of latrines and wells for potable water, and the provision of health-related services.

Because their team has remained dedicated, they can continue sharing the hope of Christ in this devastated region. CRWRC is also investigating longer-term involvement in the resettlement of returning refugees in Southern Sudan.

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