Believers respond to hunger crisis in Niger.

By April 3, 2006

Niger (MNN)–In Niger, over three and a half million people are suffering from the hunger crisis. Poverty, drought, and a locust invasion have created a serious food shortage.

Operation Blessing’s Kristin Vischer says they’ve had teams on the ground since last year addressing the ongoing needs.

Most recently, she adds, “We’re very excited to have dedicated a permanent food bank building on March 17th. We are actually providing enough millet in the bank to sustain 600 families until rainy season so they can grow crops again. So, that’s just one of five food banks that we plan to be actually building.”

The rainy season in Niger is short and happens mostly during August. Last year, it hardly rained at all. The lack of moisture caused the peas, grains, sorghum and peanut to wither.

A locust plague followed the drought, and the swarms ate whatever fodder was left for the animals. That disaster made a bad situation critical in short order.

Operation Blessing is partnering with Humedica and the World Food Program to provide emergency feeding programs for approximately 78,000 people living in 64 remote villages.

Vischer explains that the hope their team brings to these people provides an open door for spiritual ministry. “We’re doing what the Lord wants us to do and it’s feeding the poor and the starving, so there’s opportunities to tell them why we are doing what we are doing.”

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