Believers respond to needs in Chad.

By July 27, 2004

Chad (MNN)–World Vision aid has hit the ground in Chad.
Sudanese refugees had been living in dried out riverbeds, however, the rainy season forced them to flee to higher ground.

The Chadian government institution in charge of refugees says the evacuation was necessary as most of them live in areas exposed to flooding and water borne diseases.

World Vision will be distributing food to the refugees. A team is already at the site in northeastern Chad distributing emergency survival supplies.

Refugees have been given plastic sheets and collapsible water containers provided by World Vision’s Global Positioning Unit in Hannover, Germany. The UNHCR provided tents, blankets, buckets, kitchen sets and soap for the World Vision distribution.

WVI teams believe they’re representing the hands and feet of Christ as they meet the overwhelming physical needs. Pray as they begin meeting spiritual needs.

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