Believers see electrifying results of a special project in a Muslim area.

By August 24, 2005

International (MNN)–Bringing electricity to a community in a heavily Muslim region is helping change lives.

Medical Ambassadors International worked together with local agencies to put up 20 electric poles and properly connect 30 homes to electricity.

In addition, they are planning to pipe natural gas and water into homes as well. This is all an outgrowth of the Community Health Evangelism program.

Community Health Evangelists (CHEs) bring people to Christ. When people come to Christ, CHEs provide follow-up, discipleship, and organize new believers into small groups. These groups then come together to form a church.

Since the program began, people are motivated to solve problems and are working together to find solutions. Malaria that once infected 95% of the community has been nearly eliminated.

The committee spokesman went on to say that young ladies are learning to sew, and are finding employment. Their young men are learning livelihood skills such as welding and repair of televisions and sewing machines.

Physical development is underway in this community. Pray for a corresponding spiritual transformation as the team continues to reach out to these people in the name of Jesus.

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